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Grand Opening!

Go Unlimited

Here's how to lock in your VIP discounted offer:

  1. You will be charged $0.01 to register your account and hold your order.
  2. The day before our new [] location opens to the public, you'll be billed the promotional discounted price of your pass.
  3. Once the new location opens, bring your confirmation email to the [] location.
  4. An attendant at the [] location will scan your barcode and assign an RFID tag for your vehicle.
  5. From then on, simply pull up to the gate at ANY Busy Bee location and the gate will open automatically for you!

Ultimate Honey Coat

Wiggy Wash Ceramic Bond

Ceramic Bond

Wiggy Wash Dry N' Shine

Dry N' Shine

Wiggy Wash Hot Wax & Shine

Hot Wax & Shine

Wiggy Wash Tire Shine

Tire Shine

Wiggy Wash Rain Shield

Rain Shield

Wiggy Wash Triple Foam

Triple Foam

Wiggy Wash Undercarriage


Wiggy Wash Lava Bath

Lava Bath